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About Ismayanti Afrina Putri @iaputrii_

Hello, I'm Ismayanti Afrina Putri. I am a beauty blogger from Medan, North Sumatra, Indonesia. I like to write reviews about beauty, such as skincare and make up.

I also write on several other platforms.

If you want to cooperate, you can contact me via email - iaputrii.id@gmail.com

Author of Buku Vibes Positivity, 2 Anthologies of Short Stories, and a collection of duet quotes/Quotes with the title Meraki (t) Harap. I am also actively writing on 1 blog, namely www.pohonketelamenulis.com, of course you can visit it because I wrote many articles there.

Thank you

Beauty Profil IAPUTRI.ID

Skintone : Medium - Light Skin (Neutral Skintone)
Skin Type : Combination Skin
Skin Condition : Dark Circle, PIH, Wrinkles, Milia.
Height : 165 cm
Weight : 55kg

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